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Our modest, old school shop specializes in everything needed to keep your classic car alive and on the road. Our services include maintenance and repairs, complete overhauls, restorations, upgrades and many others. We can even help you sell your classic or hunt down that elusive dream car you’ve always wanted.

Our Story

Based in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, Cape Classic Cars is a shop dedicated to bringing top-notch service to the hot rod and classic car community. Cape Classic Cars is not just about maintaining and restoring the beautiful rides of yesteryear- We are also deeply rooted in the classic car community. If you’re looking for a straight-shooting, down-to-earth shop with old school ideals, why not get in touch with our team.

Our Channel

In each episode, Ashley Thompson and the team at Cape Classic Cars work on rare classics from across the country.


Whether it’s just a minor tune-up or a full-blown restoration, Ashley and his team always make sure that these cars are the very definition of cool.


It’s always a race against the clock to get the cars finished. But, there’s always some fun to be had — no matter how crazy things get, you can bet you’ll see some donuts in the driveway!

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Take a look behind the scenes at Cape Classic Cars! Keep up to date with the latest classic car news, featured rides and car shows from around the world!

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